Enroute Center for Development is a sister concern of ENROUTE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Established in 2008, we have worked closely with organizations, both local and multinational. Today, we are one of the leading service providers, partnering with organizations, and helping them grow their business. Our strength is the number of expert consultants we have on board with us – with vast experience in various industries.

How we are different?

Learning is a journey. It cannot be taught in a day. We motivate people and give them the tools and teach them the techniques to start a journey for the personal development. If people do not apply the learning into their everyday life – the training result is zero.

We focus our energy into guiding individuals on how they can learn and develop about the topic of training within the next specific timeline and, most importantly, how they can measure the progress of performance or development. This is most meaningful for individuals as well as the organization that spends a lot of money to support the development. Organizations have an evaluation and measurement on the ROI.

Our method of facilitation is based on experiential learning – learning by doing. What one hears – one remembers only 15%, what one sees – one remembers only 30%, but what one does – one remembers 60%. Therefore, our ways of facilitation are by doing things. We do lots of games and simulations and VDOs to make the learning more fun and acceptable by the participants.

Our success depends on our client’s success.

We partner with organizations and work closely as part of them to understand the challenges, analyze the gaps and provide solutions so that organizations may find success. Our approach is unique. When a client has a requirement, we spend a good amount of time to understand the gap. We focus on the business need, identify any industry specific requirement and understand the level of the knowledge of people. We then design our solutions and propose to the management to align with the organization vision and mission.

  • We facilitate more than train. Unlike traditional class room training, we focus on experiential learning.
  • We use games and activities and case studies for learning. We involve participants to discuss and exchange thoughts.
  • This engages the participants more to the learning process, gets higher commitment to practice the learning in real life and makes the process more fun and enjoyable to learn.
  • We design assessments and action plans for every participant so that they may continue to learn over the next 6 months.
  • After any workshop, we provide access to our resources and facilitators so that participants may continue learning from us.
  • We also provide a follow up session to help participants solve any problems they face in their work matching with the class room learning.

We have the pool of experts in various industries who combine their knowledge and provide service to organizations to:

  • Understand the challenges of the organization and industry
  • Conduct training need assessments and evaluate the learning required for growth
  • Develop learning modules & solutions customized to organization need
  • Facilitate & train the people to develop their skills and leadership capabilities
  • Monitor and follow up on training – evaluate ROI for organization
  • Help organizations with Change Management – improve culture for growth

Do you need any help? Please call +88017 6780 4408 or Email us at training@enroute.com.bd