One vision
One team

Every organization wants its employees to work towards a common shared goal. Where everyone works together, collaborating, cooperating and appreciating, to enable them to make progress. Organizations wants a team which combines the energy, motivation, experiences and expertise of individuals for a shared purpose.

Organization wants its employees to

  • Have a sense of belonging
  • Have a clear purpose and know what individuals have to achieve
  • Feel supported by other team members
  • Be respected, valued and appreciated for contribution
  • Share problems and solve problems together
  • No “blame” culture

The Challenge

  • People are more concerned about individual success rather than organizational success
  • People tend to make relations only with their department / division team
  • People need to be more accountable for their work – not blame others
  • There are lots of silos amongst departments
  • Relationship should be stronger

Our Solution

  • Highlighting "what’s-in-it-for-me" to the employees
  • Reenergizing the team’s motivation levels
  • Building team spirit
  • Understanding organizational goal & importance of teamwork
  • Discuss how “together” we can find success – for self and for organization
  • Discuss how to develop high performing teams, communication, etc. topics
  • Bonding between employees - the feeling of “one family”
  • Breaking away from “it’s-not-my-job-attitude”
  • Breaking away from “us-vs-them-mentality”
  • Discussing current challenges and improvement areas

We design a “TEAM PULSE” questionnaire to measure the team pulse at the organization 30 days BEFORE the workshop. Results are compiled by Enroute and a report shared at the workshop. The same survey is done 6 months after the workshop to measure the effectiveness of the workshop.

Some Results

Motivation Index Before Workshop 6 months after
A&E 3.8 out of 5 4.7
DHL 3.1 out of 5 4.3
Pendakar Energy 2.9 out of 5 3.8

We facilitate this session by “DOING” through a lot of games and simulations – hence “funshop”. It a proven fact that through “experiential learning”, participants will be able remember the learning better and apply that in their real life experience.

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