Managing for
First time assessment


  • Brac Bank Limited (2014)
  • Brac Microfinance MTS (2014)
  • Aarong (2015-2016)

The Challenge

  • Organization wishes to promote high performers to “first time leaders”
  • The people are high performers but they cannot lead once promoted – hence demotivation all around
  • Assess and train before final evaluation

Our Solution

  • Assessment center: each participant will be given a business case and then presentation and interview
  • Group discussion and teambuilding games (observation of behavior)
  • 3 levels of workshop on “Managing for first time”

Focus on

  • What is managing people
  • Common pitfalls of managing for first time
  • Learning to delegate effectively and feedback
  • Learning to coach others
  • Leadership and communication
  • Self-Awareness and Personal development
  • Personality development and interpersonal skills
  • Emotional intelligence and Managing emotions