Product Promotion & Sales Management

Arla Food, one of the leading as well largest producers of dairy products has been working in Bangladesh for quite some time. With a holistic intention of providing nutritious dairy product, informing the female population regarding the nutritional impact of these product and generate a market awareness Arla planned to introduce a more customized project.

Enroute being a leader in sound planning, efficient execution and successful management of these types of projects came into the scenario and started working with Arla to make this brain child project a highly effective and feasible one. Among other objectives the most important one for both Arla and Enroute was to reach that part of female population who in real life are participating in strenuous jobs, doing an extra mile to stay afloat, who would understand the need of this type of product, would be able to afford purchasing this product and lastly who would really be benefited from the several additional nutrients.

Product Promotion & Sales Management
Product Promotion & Sales Management

With such an intention of reaching the targeted female population who mostly deficit the required nutritional components despite the proven requirement of those vitamins and nutrients, it was planned to target the RMG female workers, since they certainly fit all the objectives. The most challenging part in this very project to manage was to make the RMG management understand the primary objectives of this very activity, the overall process through which it will be managed, the goals to be attained and lastly the benefits these female populations will gain from this project. Since the RMG sector is very much strict with their rules and regulations and always remains aware about any outside nuisance it was an arduous job for our execution team to manage the entry points so as to arrange the acutely planned activities.

But since Enroute has been managing several similar types of challenging projects for the last several years, our execution team took the challenge wholeheartedly. They accepted the possible challenges, remain committed to solve those available obstacles and provided emphatic concentration to overcome those visible hurdles. To conduct the very activity our team used to move towards the targeted location at the very early morning and arranged the booth to create the visual impact of the ongoing activity. A team of seven people including an MBBS doctor who checked the physical fitness, make the female workers understand the nutritional impact on medical terms; five experienced Brand Promoters who were responsible to distribute the leaflet the very early morning when they enter the premise, provide a live experience of the product on the very spot and convey the general message to the mass, maintain the people discipline during the rush hour; and an efficient Supervisor to manage the overall activities, communicate with the management team of RMG

Product Promotion & Sales Management

The important as well as significantly mentionable achievements on this very project were:

  • We conducted 20 (twenty) separate activities in 10 (ten) well known RMGS and that even happened just within two and a half months
  • We managed to reach at least 20 (twenty) thousand female population throughout the overall project to convey our message.
  • We were able to personally communicate with more or less 6-8 thousands of female population and make them understand the requirement of those products.
  • We were successful to sell more than 03 (three) thousand packages weighing 500 mg.
  • We collected the database of 6-8 thousand female population for collecting after sales feedback.

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