People Outsourcing Support Service

Enroute started working with this globally renowned as well prestigious organization a few years back. Though we had previous experience to work with UN organizations on different projects but beginning of this very relationship with IOM was considerably a business landmark that we achieved that year. Working with such an esteemed organization enriched our portfolio to make a better fit for the longer run. Although, compared to our other specifically customized projects this project on terms sounded to be a bit easier but in reality it was a challenge packed with numerous hurdles to overcome.

People Outsourcing Support Service
People Outsourcing Support Service

The first and foremost hurdle we had to overcome was to manage the overall project in a remote area of Cox’s Bazar district. The distance of work station from Cox’s Bazar is more or less __ kilometers (__ miles), which actually shows how quite a tough call it was to manage people in such a distant and remote location. The local team had to take a lot of responsibilities to manage these people along with providing smooth client service.

The overall activity of our proficient regional team was basically divided into three phases. They are:

Pre-Recruitment: Our highly efficient regional team was responsible to clearly understand & evaluate the requirement of client for the specific position, match the Job Description with the potent and available resources and identify the feasible hub (institutes, organizations etc.) from where the resource hunt would be much easier.

Recruitment: After finding out the required hub (institutes, organizations etc.) the regional team and in-house HR team used to communicate with them, make the potential resource understand the requirement as well opportunities in detail, prepare them for interview, venue selection, conduct interview session. The most fascinating performance indicator was that every time a requirement came from client, they were supposed to complete the task within just 03 working days & because of this capable team, it always happened in a jiffy like a simple task.

Post Recruitment: After successfully conducting all required tests (written, verbal, practical etc.) list of the people appeared in test was forwarded to client. From there the best performers were chosen. Then these people were sent for the final interview with client & after getting approval of the finally selected candidates, the team used to contact them once again by informing regarding the necessary updates and if they were interested to start working in this challenging environment & if they were then to instruct them regarding the next step of activity

People Outsourcing Support Service

Throughout the whole project we faced many challenges and did overcome after implementing quite a number of innovative ideas. A comparative of the challenges we faced and solutions we introduced is given below: Challenges VS Solutions:

Project Scenario
Challenges Solutions Achievement
People sourcing for the remote areas Sourcing from local area Successful recruitment of over 95 (ninety five) people within one & half years and managing their payroll since then.

Setting up operation footprint in the distant part of Country

People management in distant location Regular visit to work station
Ensuring safety for female workers Managing late hour transportation
Ensuring quality service Deploying dedicated resource
Management of activity roster/shift Categorized allocation of resources
Activity monitoring & supervision Regular visit & dedicated resource

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