Loyalty Management

Robi Axiata Limited is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh, started their new endeavor named Robi ধন্যবাদ program with an intention to delight their customers and offer them something more. Robi initiated this program keeping the concern of highlighting the need of every single customer.

Enroute as the key recognized player in this sector as well as previously experienced in successful implementation of similar types of projects for other Telco & Financial organizations evaluated to be the most effective partner of Robi in this very project. Throughout the selection procedure both Enroute and Robi team had a number of sittings to ensure designing a topnotch and sound proof execution model, later on which proved to be immensely effective.

Enroute with its highly efficient team, which is comprised of 14 hand-picked as well highly efficient resources, started this project along with Robi’s necessary as well as spontaneous support in a number of major cities (Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Khulna etc.) of Bangladesh. They were responsible to perform number of duties like partner acquire, engagement, management, ensuring POSM quality, visibility, regular market visit, arranging partner staff awareness program etc.

Though the loyalty management program wasn’t a new concept in the market but still it was a tough job to make people understand the objective, explain the overall procedure, make it a reliable story and above all sale the idea to the targeted partners. It was even tougher to nurture that relationship over the years and maintain the accurate standard of service while working with these partners.

Project Scenario

Deliverables Challenges Target Achievement
Partner Acquire Effective Communication 2000 Partners 2200 Partners
Partner Engagement Subsequent Understanding 2000 Partners 2200 Partners
Partner Management Relationship Nurturing 2000 Partners 2200 Partners
Reward Redemption Partner Entity Reliability 450 Partners 490 Partners
Ensuring POSM Quality Supply Chain Management For all partners 100% Partner reach
Ensuring POSM Visibility Distribution Channel Development For all partners 100% Partner reach
Market Visit Acute Monitoring & Supervision 2 visit/15 days Ensuring 100% visit
Partner Staff Awareness Program Orientation & Info Disbursement 04 events in 01 year 04 events in 01 year

The most significant and crucial responsibility of the field team was to achieve the target that was set for each separate quarter. Team that was consisted of total 14 people, did a fantastic job and accelerated the development process to a certain level that it turned out to be quite an easy task to achieve the target of every specific deliverables of each quarter and to some extent achieve some extra points.

The in house management team also did a fabulous job of successful management of these people. Activity of these people was monitored on a regular basis. At the beginning of every month the in house management team used to evaluate the field team’s performance of last month along with preparing a sound planning for the ongoing month. Thus by step by step, month wise activity planning was made to successfully execute the quarterly plan as well to achieve target. The spontaneous combination of both the in house management team and the field team was the key of success that was achieved after overcoming all the visible, evident & obvious challenges.

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