Telecommunication, Electronics and Communication Technology

Enroute is considered to be a market leader to initiate and eventually materialize the new ideas relevant to the one of the largest industry of this country. Over last fifteen years this industry created some revolutionizing transformation with the concept of reaching the targeted individual/customers/consumers by structured development of the overall network based connectivity with the use of innovative technical instruments. We have a rich portfolio of working with globally recognized organizations like Nokia, Sony, L M Ericsson, Philips Lighting, Qubee, Rahimafrooz, Rangs,, GP, Banglalink, Robi Axiata, Citycell etc. and some others.

Telecom Operator: Enroute from it’s very beginning concentrated it’s focus on this very industry and has successfully managed number of various types of loyalty programs, activation, client acquisition, customer/user awareness, sales marketing project designed to involve people/user from various segments of society. And with much confidence, excellence, magnificence our highly skilled team have successfully completed all those project after achieving highest level of efficiency. We have experience to work with all the major telecommunication organizations of the country like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi Axiata Limited, Citycell etc. and more importantly we have had worked with them on several of their mainstream projects.

Communications Technology: As per the current economy of Bangladesh, this is one of the growing industries of Bangladesh that has been moving forward with un-emancipated acceleration for few years. Enroute is a market leader in case of understanding this growth rate as well as adapt with the changing and/or evolving nature of this industry and quite capable to provide the required services when required. We already have experience to work with global leader like L M Ericsson Bangladesh Limited in this sector. We also have momentous experience to work with organizations like, Robi Axiata Limited (IT), Qubee etc. on different projects.

Electronics: Electronics Industry is an evolving industry of Bangladesh comprised of a number of globally recognized giants. Enroute with it’s multiple business entities/services has been involved with number of those global leaders competing in this very segment. We have a clear understanding of the ups and downs, ins and outs of this industry’s business since we have been partnered with several of those global pioneers. We even are quite confident to provide the required services within the minimum possible timeline. We already have momentous experience to work with organizations like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Philips Lighting Bangladesh Limited, Rahimafrooz, Rangs etc. We are very much confident to provide any type of customized services with the targeted efficiency rate for any number of clients belonged to this very industry and highly experienced to manage people, their day to day HR services as well the processes involved with the overall operations.

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