Retail Chain & Online Portal

Online Marketplace: Online market place is one of the very recently booming industries in our country. Very recently a number of online market places have been started their own business all around the nation. Enroute has also set it’s footprint in this industry. We have plenty of experience to work with number of local leaders like,,,, etc. Our outsourced resources have provided multiple types of services for these clients of ours’. Other than management of HR & Payroll services we also have provided numerous other services like pick up and drop of products to the targeted locations for a number of clients of ours.

Retail Super Chain: Enroute is well aware about the retail super chain shops and their operational activities. Enroute at the beginning of the business of now nationwide well established retail super chain shop named Shwapno, provided the overall HR & Payroll services to manage more than thousand resources worked allover Bangladesh in the several number of outlets. Enroute with it’s own resources managed the services in all the outlet resources. With our efficient services and service quality we ensured that our client’s business run up to it’s optimum level and thus reach the apex of the business and considered much dependable than any other competitors. In this very sector we also have closely worked with business entities like Agora, Bengal Meat etc.

Brandshop: Enroute team has already gathered experience of working with a number of brand-shops on different projects. Best Electronics is one of them for which we provided call-center service inclusive of all the required facilities like managing the office infrastructure, managing both the required software and hardware, providing required number of CCRs, ensure proper brand promotion, product marketing, train those people, monitor and supervise their day to day activities. Our team worked pretty hard and made this endeavor of our valued client a successful within a very short period of time.

Online Service Portals: We have provided different types of services for clients like, and we made sure that all the targeted objectives of our client achieved within the pre-defined timeline. Our highly skilled team ensured that client’s all the objectives are fulfilled and met within the agreed time and without any single occurrence of error. With we did communicate with a huge number of possible and/or probable customer/user and disbursed the right information.

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