Logistics & Freight Forwarding: In the Logistics and Freight Forwarding industry we have been working with the global as well as local leader for a mentionable time period. The time period for which we have been managing their services, it is much easier for us to understand the basic principles, business trend, business objective/goal, growth, client, customer psychology, resource performance etc. for this specific industry. We have been providing services for the globally renowned as well market leader in logistics industry like DHL, UPS, Aramex, Expolanka etc. who have expertise in international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation. Over the last several years we have been managing the resources and their HR & Payroll services  who have been providing honest effort for our clients. Enroute has such clear understanding of the requirement of this industry that we are now one the most reliable partner to provide support through resource sourcing, their HR & Payroll service management, facility management and any other customized requirement that the client is in need.

Garments & Apparels: Enroute has provided different types of services to globally recognized garments and apparel organizations in number of projects. We have experience to work with organizations like Checkpoint, Coats, Avery Dennison and some other local organizations. The basic challenge to work in this industry to be legally compliant in all the sections. Enroute is considered to be an idle in providing services as per the basic requirements of all it’s clients. After exactly following all the compliance related issues, we ensured that all targeted objectives being obtained and thus adequate services provided to all our clients in this very sector.

Processing and Packaging: Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company working closely with the customers and suppliers to provide safe food. Enroute has been in a business relationship with this globally known organization for quite sometime as well being provided a number of HR and Payroll related services as per the day to day requirements of the client.

Testing, Inspection & Certification: We also have experience of working with organizations like TUV SUD who is global testing, certification, inspection and training provider dedicated to adding tangible economic value to it’s customers. Over the last several years we have provided different types of relevant services to clients like Intertek, TUV SUD without enumerating any single point of discomfort or dissatisfaction, which portrays the standard of our service to each and every specific client’s of ours’.

Automobile: We have reach to the automobile industry as well. Honda has been a valued client of ours’ for last several years. We have been providing different types of HR as well Payroll related services beginning with the employee hunting till month end salary calculation or management of exit process when required. Being a HR consultancy centric organization Enroute aptly managing all the HR related services for Honda. We also have proficiently worked with a well known organization, named Navana on a different project.

Energy: We have been working in the energy sector for last few months. We are working with Ranks Petroleum effectively and are responsible to manage all the HR & Payroll services along with managing all the benefits of the resources, which are inclusive of fringe benefits as well. The resources who have been working with Ranks Petroleum for last several months, Enroute as the employer for those people is supposed to manage all their HR related issues. Along with all other regular benefits Enroute ensured the availability of insurance facility for these people from the very beginning of this journey, with and objective to ensure their safety and proper application of all the law abiding facilities. We also have worked with some other globally esteemed organizations like Chevron, Clarke Energy etc.

Call Center: Enroute has a dedicated team to provide customized call center services for it’s clients, using it’s own premise or client’s premise. We have been providing this service for a longer version of time. We are efficient to provide required services for the development of both the hardware and software to manage the call center service as well to provide support for development of the overall infrastructure. Our efficient team is much more capable to monitor, supervise and train the team involved in the activity.  On this industry we have worked with a well known organization named Digicon already. viii. Construction & Cement: In this industry we have effectively worked with the local pioneer named Abdul Monem on a different segment. We have worked with a number of global as well local leaders of this very arena. We have worked with  Holcim, Lafarge Surma, Cemex and some other organizations on different terms and different types of projects.

Entertainment: In the entertainment industry we have worked with a few organizations in different projects comprised of different types of services. We have worked with Maasranga Television on a short term project and was able to manage the whole project without enumerating a single shred of doubt and did perform it’s all the deliverables as agreed and expected from both the parties.

Aviation and Airways: On a different types of project included into our string of services we have already been involved with a number of this type of organizations. We have worked with Best Aviation. We also have worked with Novo Air on a customized corporate training facility.

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