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Enroute has yearlong experience to work with organizations in development as well education sector. We have successfully managed a number of core projects of Katalyst (a project of Swisscontact) related to forward market, ICT , agro business, compost etc. We also have worked with intergovernmental organizations like IOM, WFP, FAO, BRAC and also local organizations like UCEP, CLP etc. in a number of development project. We even have provided services to organization like ACCA, IDP Education, Edu Abroad etc. on a number of different projects.

Medical & Health Research: In the sector/industry of health research Enroute has made it’s footprint already. We have worked with ICDDR,B (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh), an organization, much renowned for working in the research of contagious, communicable disease. We have provided required services on multiple times to number of similar organizations like labaid hospital and others.

Training & Vocational Education: In this very sector we have worked with the local leader i.e. UCEP on a very sophisticated project. We restructured their entire HR manual and was successfully change a few things with respect to the overall population, their roles, responsibilities, hierarchy, reporting, performance evaluation parameters etc. They and their performance had been evaluated by our specialists and both the party agreed to make necessary changes within the HR regulations of the organization and our team effectively managed the overall process from the very beginning till the very end.

NGO & INGO: We have experience to develop the product supply chain for the number of char (river bank areas) areas which was a project of CLP funded by Swisscontact. Our highly experienced team members ensured that, all the objectives of the overall project achieved till the very end. Though Enroute was a beginner in this very sector and started it’s journey with the forward market development project for the very first time but as always we achieved the highest success after assuring every single goal had been attained to the exact point and to some extent even more than what was expected at the very beginning. We also have experience to working with other renowned organizations in this very sector like: WFP, FAO, IOM, BRAC, Save the Children etc.

Education: In this very sector we have worked with locally as well globally renowned organizations like IDP Education, ACCA, Edu Abroad (student education consultancy) on different projects. In all those projects a number of our resources from different teams worked and they all succeeded to reach the highest bar of efficiency by providing relentless as well ceaseless service with topnotch quality.

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