For any B2B business, client relationships are more important than ever to organization success. But they are also harder than ever to build. New technology, higher competition and unprecedented information transparency mean that traditional client development strategies no longer work.

Our KAM product is a powerful system for developing and growing clients. Drawn from best practices, it builds new, powerful individual skills and organizational capabilities.

The journey of building clients for life nearly always starts with an expert-for-hire relationship. We’ve developed a unique set of strategies and tools to help professionals systematically evolve into trusted advisors—and to help firms become a trusted partner to their best clients.

When the individual’s role moves from a narrow expert to a client advisor, and the firm builds many-to-many relationships, the result is enduring, institutional relationships that drive steady revenue growth.

Our clients learn how to:

  • Differentiate themselves in commoditizing markets
  • Develop sole-source business that is not competitively bid
  • Use proactive agenda setting and powerful inquiry to learn vastly more about their clients’ needs than any other competitor
  • Build deep loyalty and become the provider of choice
  • Move up and build relationships with senior executive sponsors
  • Broaden and grow key client accounts and deliver the entire firm
  • Stay in touch and add value — even when there is no business
Re-defining Client Relationships chart-1
Traditional Strategies Enroute Re-Defined Strategies
Win the transaction Win a long-term relationship
Build a relationship and then add value Add value in order to earn a relationship
Cultivate a key buyer Cultivate multiple stakeholder relationships
Push: Get your solution in front of buyers Pull: Draw prospects in with thought leadership