Customer Experience

Customer experience is not what an organization does to serve its customers. It is how customers view, engage with, react to and value the experiences they have with the organization.

Customer service is from the organization perspective while customer experience is from the customer’s perspective.

Customer Advocacy over Customer Loyalty

  • 39% of customers decrease spending money with an organization after 1 single bad experience – 17% never return!
  • Share bad experiences: 53% word of mouth, 21% facebook, 14% review sites, 10% twitter
  • Customer with great experience from organizations are:
    • 9 times likely to recommend to others,
    • 8 times more likely to have trust in the organization,
    • 7 times more likely to forgive any bad experience,
    • 7 times more likely to buy again
    • 7 times more likely to try new products or service

The Challenge

  • In this age of high competition, organizations want to stand out and be remembered as the first choice in the customers mind
  • Organizations want to transform their employees as brand ambassadors to deliver extra for customers
  • Organizations would like to identify and re-design policies or processes across the customer journey with that organization

Our Solution

  • Through extensive research, we study the current processes and policies of organization
  • We shadow employees to understand their interactions with customers
  • We do extensive incident mapping to identify every possible scenario a customer may face
  • We do extensive customer research to understand their expectations
  • We then design the customer experience moto and credo to define the experience delivery
  • Extensive repeated training and evaluation follows to transform employees to experience delivery agents


The Novoair Brandheart Experience
“The best hassle-free airline in Bangladesh that make customers feel respected, relaxed, and satisfied

“We serve you to make you happy”
We want our customers to come back again and again.
We want our customer to bring their friends and family.
We want our customers to talk about us about how good we are in terms of product, quality, price and most importantly customer service.
We exist because of our consumers.
We make sure that our customers trust and rely on us because we deliver what we promise.
We always go the extra mile to make our customers remember us for life.

It was found that customer satisfaction index increased by 20% after 6 months of our experience design and training with NOVO Air.

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