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With the emergence of advanced technologies at an unprecedented speed, the world is changing as they blur the boundaries among the economic, social, business and political spheres across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence has been replacing human interactions into the process in many cases. Which results into the skill gaps of the individuals and competitive advantages of the specific organizations.

In this transitional period of stepping into the 4th industrial revolution, individuals as well as organizations seeks to strengthen those critical skills, transform their capabilities and develop lasting capacities.

Enroute Center for Development Ltd. has led the way to cater market with the required Education and Skills through comprehensively designed Executive Education and envision to continue forward.

Enroute Center for Development Ltd. has been providing advanced and effective learning experiences across the country and organizations for business executives and professionals. We have partnered with and served for Government Officials, Development Sector (NGO, iNGO), For-Profit Sector namely Telco, FMCG, Bank and Non-Banking Financial Institute, RMG, Technology etc.

As country’s leading executive education institute we do provide trainings and facilitate workshops, both on functional and soft skills, based on specific or customized needs and requirements from clients through our customized learning and development solutions

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Customized Program

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Open Program

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E-Learning Program

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Executive Coaching

Blended Learning

Online and offline

Blended learning encourages the Participant’s desire to learn and enables learning through the form that is best suited to them without neglecting alternative methods. It provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. For example, a trainee might attend classes in a real-world classroom setting and then supplement the lesson plan by completing online multimedia
course work. As such, the trainee would only have to physically attend class once a week and would be free to go at their own pace.

Other Training Services We Do Provide


Digital Content

Digital content development:

  • Presentation, HTML, Infographics
  • Video, Creative Motion & Graphics, Gamification etc.

Own Studio and modern equipment for video shooting


Managed Training Facilities

Pool of experts from across industries:

  • Internal & external | Local and International

Manage training facilities

  • In country | Out of country

in Numbers

140+ Organizations
1500+ Training sessions
20,000+ Participants
5790+ Online course participants
12+ Unique industries
50+ Expert facilitators

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