For sustainable growth, change is required in policies, processes and most importantly the people. People Management Development Program (PMDP and Aarong Staff Development Program (ASPD) were both campaigns designed with the objective to “bring about a cultural change” in the organization.

Challenge of organization

Top management were facing challenges with their field level management:

  • “Old-school” vs “new-school” ways of managing people,
  • Field level management were reluctant to change leadership and
    management styles
  • Respect towards others were missing,
  • Team members were not engaged or appreciated,
  • Motivation of employees was decreasing,
  • There was no initiatives to develop people,
  • People felt uncertain about organization direction and personal growth.

Management wanted to bring about a change across the organization:

  • to address these concerns, and
  • set a new work environment where people would be motivated to achieve results.

Our solution

Enroute Change Management Model



  • Management discussions on vision and mission
  • FGD at different levels
  • Field visits
  • Survey of 1,500+ people – organization pulse
  • Design Change Management campaign of 2 years


  • Creating a climate of change
  • Build a guiding team
  • Communication channel across organization to gain buy-in – communication every 3 months
  • Engage top management for communication
  • Survey of 1,000 random people every 6 months to measure impact and effect of change


  • Enable and engage field level management
  • Training designed on:
    • personal leadership,
    • managing tasks and
    • managing people.
  • Training of field level management (top 2 tiers) every 3 months
  • Training of new recruits (MTs) employed to be field level RMs
  • Training to supporting units to ensure collaboration and teamwork
  • TOT to pool of trainers for continuous follow up and refreshers


  • Monitoring and follow up
  • After every level of training, assignments and action plans were set to apply the learning of training
  • A dedicated team followed up once every month with each participant on progress
  • Peer-2-peer assessments were taken at the time of training to measure individual participants capabilities and identify areas of improvement
  • Exams were taken after every training
  • Field level survey were conducted every 6 months to measure impact and effectiveness of campaign

End Result

First survey result (pre-campaign) vs final survey result (post-campaign)

Change Management

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