We offer programs from half day to 5 days depending on the need and budget of clients. we have run many programs over months long with one module a week.

Our method of facilitation is based on experiential learning – learning by doing. what one hears – one remembers only 15%, what one sees – one remembers only 30%, but what one does – one remembers 60%. therefore, our ways of facilitation are by doing things. we do lots of games, simulations, role plays, exercises, case studies and vdos to make the learning more fun and relevant to the participants.

Services we offer to coporate customers:

  • Customized training as per specific need
  • Research / survey across organization for skills gap analysis, employee motivation, leadership assessment, teamwork, etc.
  • Assessment center for evaluating employees. our experience includes psychometric profiling and online based 360 degree feedback.
  • Evaluation of participants and individual profiling at the time of training
  • Post-training follow up with participants and final report after 3 months on learning of each participants

Retainer service

  • Clients may outsource their training to us. this is a cost-effective solution over individual workshops.
  • Ee can engage with organizations for 6 months / 12months / 24 months as their partner.
  • We assess the current scenario and identify skills gap for development.
  • We then organize a calendar with hr for training roll-out.
  • We conduct pre and post surveys to measure effectiveness of training.
  • Final assessments and evaluation are taken to reflect the learning of participants.

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