Transforming agriculture through ICT

Transforming agriculture through ICT


Brief Highlight:

‘Now we can get all the agricultural information over phone and take necessary preventive measures needed to get a good harvest” says Md Aliur Rahman with glittering eyes, a vegetable farmer from a small village named Churamonkathi at Jessore district.

Aliur Rahman is a 45 years old marginal farmer who has been involved in agricultural activities since his childhood. In present days he mostly cultivates vegetables in his 25 decimals of land.

Through his years of experience Mr. Rahman has learned that getting a good harvest has got to do a lot with the availability and use of the right information at the right moment. Acquiring, processing, evaluating information related to policy, markets, new technologies and finally taking the right steps can be a daunting task for a poor, uneducated farmer. Mr. Rahman has learned it the hard way when he incurred a huge loss when his cultivated Brinjals were severely affected by an insect locally known as sada poka two years back. He neither knew what to do nor where to go for the information.

That is why Mr. Rahman felt so relieved when he first came to know about the Missed call based helpline. This innovative intervention was designed and implemented by Enroute through a renowned input provider company. This was done as a part of the ‘Market Development Interventions Through use of ICT Tools’ project of Katalyst in. To avail the service farmers only had to place a missed call to the hotline of the input provider. Then they would be called by an agriculture expert who would provide them information or solutions to their problems related to agriculture.

Many farmers like Mr. Rahman can now just place a missed call and get important information at the right time. They are very happy to realize such benefits of ICT tools that have made their life easier and better. They are even teaching and encouraging their neighbors to use this service. Enroute takes pride to be a part of such interventions that ensures progress through use of ICT and market development approach. We will continue to work for making lives better for the farmers all across the country.