Developing the value chain can empower businesses to establish a strong and sustainable presence in the market. Poverty alleviation through market development is at the core of Enroute’s values. Creating linkages among the market actors and connecting to the right network can make the markets work for poor. We design and implement strategies with a view to creating values to the society through market development.

Project Design

Proper planning and designing is a prerequisite for the ultimate success of a project. Our pool of expert consultants with a diverse background brings together the knowledge and experience from local and international level. Market Development, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate change, ICT in development and poverty alleviation are at the core of our project design.

Project Implementation

We provide technical and logistic support for implementation of projects across different sectors. Our experienced pool of consultants have the experience of developing and implementing projects with many local and international organizations. We are working with renowned NGOs and INGOs in the fields of capacity development, market development, value chain analysis and agriculture. We manage projects change the lives of people and add value to the society.

Research and Analytics

For designing, implementing or evaluating any project, research and study is a prerequisite. Our experts conduct researches that are designed to meet the specific requirement of your organization. Through our research we extract data that reflect the real scenario and help you make the correct evaluation. Our specialist researchers provide research support for any stage of the project life cycle.

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