synergy through partnership  

We offer a long term partnership which ensure the opportunities for our clients and gives them a competitive edge over rivals. enroute has been successfully providing outsourcing support to many businesses of Bangladesh both local and international. We ensure enhancement of the shared services of our clients while they focus entirely on their core activities with ease.
We carry out work processes in a way that it adds value not only for our clients but for their customers as well. The expert enroute team provides a rather strategic and systematic approach to ensure that the services are aligned with the client company’s long-term vision, as well as in-sync with the management style and company’s reputation.

what we offer

enroute MarketingSolutions with its highly experienced team have partnered with many local and international companies in enhancing the experiences for their consumers at retail and point of sales. We have been providing support for companies to manage their nationwide merchandising of the products and services. We also have the experience of managing brand promotion activities and retail for many big names in the market.
enroute has the experience of managing high value strategic channel for corporates in the country. We have been managing sales of specific target groups for our clients. We have been taking care of consumer promotions activities for companies we have partnered with. Sales and distributions are also activities we have successfully managing and creating value for our clients.

enroute PaySolutions is a unique managed service. We have been providing payroll solutions to many local and international organizations accomodating both small to large people resources. With our wealth of experience and our understanding of what businesses require from their payroll, we have grown in efficiency in the payroll outsourcing market. Our objective is to provide clients with a fast, reliable and user-friendly payroll service. We have the competent team, tools, processes, experience and local knowledge to deliver accurate, on time, and compliant payroll solutions, HR services, Payroll Processing services, legal and statutory reports for our clients. We also manage fund disbursement to employees through client's preferred or designated banks.


enroute's office productivity tool, enroute office-pro, is a work place resource management service. We offer a one stop office solution or even a customized office solutions based on the needs and requirements of the client. This tool offers a wide array of services. From office set-up services to maintenance, or be it front desk services to managing the security service of your organization, through enroute office-pro we will provide you any service that your company requires without having to lose any focus from your core activities. We provide skilled human resources to assist you in your support activities from either your premises or from ours.